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Losing Custody of Grandson with Autism



Can you help us? My grandson is 17, been to many drs. and hospitals for any help, he is autistic. Hardly any communication verbally with him in the last two years. The MRDD school here is threatening to call children`s services on us because of Austin`s hitting himself. There`s nothing we can do to stop him, we make him sit down and wait for him to cool off and try to get him distracted until these episodes pass, but the school won`t let him stay there the rest of the day once he starts doing this. We DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO OR WHERE TO GO to help him. Can you recommend somewhere that he can be placed if he has to, that would be the HARDEST thing I can think of to do with him! I"ve always told him I`d be there for him, and now we may lose him! I can`t bear this!! I have written many times to you in the past for any information and guidance, maybe you can find those emails to know more about him...


It truly sounds as though you and your grandson are having a very difficult time. At this time, is there any health care provider in your area who deals with autistic children? Unfortunately, we cannot make any recommendations regarding treatment facilities. Do you live in a small town or have access to a children's hospital? It sounds as though a psychiatrist needs to re-evaluate his medications and possibly do some readjusting of his meds or try a different medication. Self injury is a very common problem in children with autism and there are ways to help him decrease his self injurious behavior. I wish you and your grandson the best of luck.

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Susan Thompson, MSN, CPNP
Research Nurse Practitioner
OSU Nisonger Center
The Ohio State University