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Parkinson's Disease

Cause of Parkinson`s



five days ago I fell backwards while reading a gas meter. I was on a slope and stood up and went backwards. Four days ago I was playing with my granddaughter on the driveway and suddenly I fell backwards again!! I felt that I may have had a problem with my slip on shoes, but it happened so fast I couldn`t stop it. I hit my head on the driveway and it still is sore, but did not pass out, throw up or get sick. Saw a physician and they felt I did not need an X-ray. If this is something I can expect may happen again, what would my next move be, and what could I do too prevent it? I do have problems with vertigo, and take meclizine for it when I need to. Thank you.


There are numerous causes for someone to lose his or her balance, and I suggest you discuss further evaluation of this with your doctor.

Imbalance is often a symptom of Parkinson's Disease, but this is a feature of the disease not typically seen early. Unfortunately, medications are of minimal help for imbalance related to Parkinson's disease.

Physical therapy focusing on balance training and fall prevention is often the most beneficial for imbalance despite the cause. It is also helpful to engage in daily balance exercises or even Tai Chi.

Overall, the goal of treating imbalance is to prevent falls. If therapy and daily exercises is not helpful, then the use of walking assistant devices may become necessary.

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