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Is it ever to late to get braces?



I am 28 years old and I want to get braces. I have read as much information as I could and viewed before and after pictures. I even got a consultation. But I wanted to wait because I found out I was pregnant (2005). Now I am ready but question if I can. I have a bad overbite (class II?)and my bottom jaw did not grow out. So I would have to get surgery to align my bottom jaw. Once that is done with then I can get my braces. But since then I have had a piece of the inside of my front tooth chip off. My gums are horrible and evertime I get my teeth clean (every 6 months) there is a cavity that needs to be filled. Is it even possible for me to still get braces?


Yes, it is still possible.

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Mark G Hans, DDS, MSD Mark G Hans, DDS, MSD
Professor of Orthodontics
School of Dental Medicine
Case Western Reserve University