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Exercise and Fitness

Exercise at work



Since the weather is starting to get nice again, my colleagues and I were interested in starting an exercise program during our lunch break. What are some suggestions for physical fitness that can fit in 1/2 hour? We would like to try to have some variety, so we don`t get bored.


One of the best ways to get out and enjoy the nice weather, get some exercise, and bond with your co-workers is to form a walking group at lunch. Start by using a pedometer to map out 2000 step routes around your workplace. Map out several alternate routes to allow for variety and decrease boredom. Ideally, all walking group participants could benefit from the use of a pedometer. All participants need to walk in appropriate, supportive shoes, such as walking or athletic shoes. Be sure to start off slowly to warm-up. Remember to include stretching to your exercise session. Stretching is appropriate after a few minutes of warming up and at the end of the walk. Especially pay attention to the muscles of the lower body; the calves, hamstrings (back of thigh) and quadriceps (front of thigh). As always, participants should consult their physician before starting any exercise program.

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Patricia A Woellert, MSW, MEd Patricia A Woellert, MSW, MEd
Program Manager
Fitness Center at CARE\Crawley
University of Cincinnati