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Can bone lesion cause sprain-like symptoms



Two years ago, I thought I sprained/twisted my left ankle. It never completely healed or so I don`t think. It will be fine for weeks on end, then I just have to take a step and the pain starts all over again. Recently, I had trip to the Emergency Room due to the ankle because the pain was so great. Nothing showed on Xray at the time. Get a call next day informing me that I have a bone lesion on the ankle. Could the bone lesion cause sprain-like symptoms like swelling and unable to put weight on the foot etc. that clear for days or weeks then reoccur?


It is unlikely that chronic pain is caused by a bone lesion subtle enough to be missed in the ER and require a call-back. More likely, the bone lesion is an incidental finding and unrelated. Obviously, without seeing the patient and films, I can't be certain. The patient should see either an Orthopaedic oncologist (such as myself) or an Orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist. I hope this helps.

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Patrick J Getty, MD Patrick J Getty, MD
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University