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Strange discharge



I have PCOS. My husband and I have been trying to conceive. I took several days` worth of some herbal supplements to begin my period (I hadn`t had one in several months, and a couple of years before that). I began bleeding within 2 days of taking the supplements in February 08 and have yet to stop (Apr 08). Most of the time it is brown, like old blood. A day or so after my husband and I have sex (the discharge stops after I get out of the shower, like a period), I bleed bright red for 3 or 4 days, then it goes back to the brown. It`s like a tablespoon a day, but I just can`t take this anymore. I am so sore from wearing pads all the time. Please help.


If you have PCOS, you should have a complete work-up by your physician (if you are obese, that would also include a diabetes and cholesterol screen).  I would assume that you have already had hormonal testing, including thyroid screening. 

The appropriate way to get your period to start would be to take progesterone or provera to start your period.  You will need to see your physician for this.  If you want to conceive, your best chances would be to use a fertility pill such as clomiphene citrate.

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