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Gum Diseases

Unresolved post surgery problem



In July 07 I had my gum surgery to lower the gum reducing pocket depth. I went home and that night the top right dressing came off. I stuck it back on but it would not stay. I went back in and they mixed up another one and pressed it on. It did not stay either. The Dr told me that it was nothing to worry about if it would not stay on. The top right quadrant was the only problem area. All other quadrants healed up nicely and are fine. The problemn is that the top right inside, by the eye tooth and the molar "feel" like it is not healed. It has been ten months. about 4 months after the initial surgery the Dr had looked at my mouth and could not find anything abnormal. He graciously offered to go back in at no expense to me to try to recontour my gums and correct the sensation. It is still there. One time I think it got infected because it hurt for about and hour and then it swelled and later went back down. Now it still feels like there is sloughing of the gum tissue. It is very difficult for me to leave this area alone. I compare it to having a bb in my mouth. My tougue senses this tissue or whatever. I also feel like there is something in front of my eye tooth that goes through to the front. How crazy am I. I asked him if an xray would help and he said no. If you have ever heard of anything like this I am at my witts end. My wife swears it is my imagination. I feel like the lion with a small thorn in his paw.


Hurting, swelling and going back down....Is this happening over and over or was it only once?

Sloughing gingiva can be due to several reasons, including you playing with it too much.

Do you have any new restorations in the area (since the surgery)? It may be some foreign body going under the gum line and causing the problem. It sounds like periodontal abscess, but I cannot tell for sure. Ask your periodontist when you have your regular cleaning.

If he/she cannot find anything wrong periodontally, she may want to send you to an oral pathologist.

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