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my husband and i are both 26 years old and we both have been trying to concive for the last 3 years with no sucsess and i had a hsg test done and the doctor told me that i was fine so meaning the results came out good and my husband got a seamen analysis and he came out with low sperm so the doctor told me since my husband had low sperm we had to go and do a invitro to have a baby but i am confused because like 8 months ago my husband and i seperated and he slept with some one esle and the girl is now saying that she is having his baby and the reason that i am confused is because before my husband and i got married he had 2 relationships before me and he never used protection wiht those two relationship and they never got pregnet with his baby but once the girls he dated broke up with him they got pregnet with some one else baby so right now i am very clules of if i am the one that can`t have a baby or what i mean as soon as that lady gives birth we are going to get a dna test but what do you think about all this is it possible that my doctor was wrong and that i am the problem and not my husband.


Even if your husband did father a child recently, he could still have low sperm counts.  Low sperm counts simply decrease the chances to conceive, but do not eliminate it.  You could also repeat the semen analysis to determine whether or not there has been any change in his results.

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