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Pancreatic Cancer

Should I get a second opinion



I`m a 39 year old male and have been having gastrointestinal issues for about a year now. I have had the gambit of wierd stools (mustard yellow , green , runny with mucas). I have left to lower left abdominal pain and a lot of upset stomach , I have back soreness and I have generalized itching , numbness and tingling in the legs and arms (more the right apendages), faitigue, dizzinness. I also have distribed sleep .

I have been to a GI (all occurred in the latter part of 2007) and he has done colonoscopy, endocopy and abdominal CT Scan and everything came back clean with the exception of some diverticolis in the colon . He diagnosed me with Irratiable Bowel Syndrome.

I still have all the symptoms and have gone back to him since I fear that something was missed and I have something seriously wrong such as pancreatic cancer . I reiterated all the symptoms such as the upset stomach , strange stools and generalized body itching and even asked of it could be somethng with my pancreas or liver . He pulled the my chart and read the CT Scan results which said the liver and pancreas are unremarkable.

I have also talked to my General Practitioner numorous times and he thinks that I have fibromyalgia or that have severe anxiety and need to see a psychiatrist and get on some mental meds. I do have an appt with the Shrink this Friday

I feel that I`m going crazy and I know that my condition is affecting my family .

What should I do? Do you feel like the Doctors have done enough and are not concerned for good reason? Should I seek a second opinion.

Any advise would be really appreciated as because I think that I`m loosing it.


It does sound like your workup has been complete. It would be unusual for someone your age to have pancreatic cancer. The symptoms you are describing are very nonspecific and can be caused by many things not related to cancer. I would continue to followup with your doctors and also be treated for the anxiety to see if this improves your symptoms.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati