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Prostate Cancer

Chances of Having Prostate Cancer



I have had three uncles with prostate cancer. I`m 40 now and have been tested 2 times in the last year. I also had a prostate biopsy. The doctor said I was okay so far, but had dark spots on my prostate. For the last month, I`ve been having to go to the bathroom way more often than before and I have some chest pain. I have heart burn every day. I quit smoking 6 months ago after 20 years.


You have an increased risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer during your lifetime, and you need to be checked regularly as you have started to do. You may never get prostate cancer, so you can be optimistic if you want to be. If you keep seeing your urologist, the prostate cancer you may develop most likely will be cured. I think having your prostate removed now would be a bad idea because if you keep on top of your prostate, you can be as likely cured then as you would be if you had cureative treatment now, and you can delay or avoid the complications of treatment (prostate removal).

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