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Cardiac Rehabilitation




Is it true that Omega-3`s can increase LDL--but that this is okay because the LDL that is increased is the "large-particle" kind? And if that is true, then is it also true that high LDL is not even worrisome--as long as it is the "large-particle" kind? I have high LDL (229), high HDL (68) and high LDL Particle Count (1797). However, the particles are the Large Kind (22.9). I don`t have any other risks for heart disease--including family history. And I don`t want to take statins unless I absolutely have to. If I were your patient, based on the above, would you suggest medication--even though the LDL is the "large-particle" kind? Lipoprotein, Homocysteine--everything very much in the normal range. So my only "risk factor" is high HDL--but it`s the "large-particle" kind.

It doesn`t seem to me that I should risk the side effects of controversial statins just for this one risk factor--which I`m not even sure is a risk factor. I will talk to my doctor more about making this decision --but what do you think? IN YOUR OPINION, is High LDL (large-particle kind) alone--as a single risk factor-enough of a reason to put an otherwise healthy patient on statins? And, in your experience, is it true that Omega-3`s can elevate large-particle LDL? Thanks for your help.


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