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Changing birth control pill



I am right now on Yasmin 21 but my doctor and I decided that I should go on try-cyclen low because my periods were too light and i was always scared that I was pregnant.

The problem is that I am going to europe for three weeks and I really didn`t want to have my period while I am there but I am suppose to get it the first week I am there... I was thinking of just starting my next pack right after my 21 days so i wouldn`t have my period but because I am changing to try-cyclen low I am scared to do that.

My doctor told me to start the pack after a week off of Yasmin but I really want to start it right after my Yasmin pack is done. Can you let me know if I can do this and if it is safe.

Thank you


If you want to skip your menstrual period, you should not take the "reminder" pills and move directly into taking a new pill pack. However, especially given that this is a new pill type, you may have some irregular bleeding with switching pills or taking them continuously. If you haven't made the change in pills, it might be better to just continue with the pill you have been on and make the switch after your travels are over.

The bleeding that occurs with oral contraceptives is often light and is no cause for worry.

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Lisa M Keder, MD, MPH Lisa M Keder, MD, MPH
Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University