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Digestive Disorders

Intestinal pain



I have pain and soreness in my intestine. I`ve been tested for Celiac by both a biopsy and a blood test, and both were negative. The pain comes on suddenly, causes a burning in my intestines, followed by either immediate diarrhea, or overnight pain with constipation. In both cases, my intestine is sore for a couple of days after. This has been going on for at least once a week for the last four months, and once a month for about 9 months before that. It basically feels like there are sores in my intestine.

I can`t seem to find a relationship to types of food that causes it. I also have acid reflux disease, which is controlled with prevacid once a day. The only other symptom I have is a mild raw tongue. My tongue never really hurts, it just gets patches where the top layer of skin is gone. The raw tongue comes and goes also. I`m not sure that the tongue and the intestinal problems are related, just wanted to mention it, just in case.


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