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Seasonal allergies end up with bloody nose



When it is allergy season or a hot day, I tend to have alot of bloody noses and I don`t know why. Is it because it is a seasonal bloody nose? Also how can I prevent future bloody nose from these kind of seasons. Thank you for taking your time to read this question.


A bloody nose on hot days, dry days or when you allergies are bothering you can be from a variety of causes. The most likely is irritation from blowing or wiping you nose. If your allergies are not in control and you are frequently blowing your nose, this can lead to a bloody nose. The best treatment for this is the get your allergies properly cared for. Also, note that I am assuming this is a small amount of blood. If you ever have a bloody nose that won't stop bleeding, happens every day or is causing other symptoms, you should seek medical attention right away. Finally, a dry nose, either in the summer from a windy day, or more commonly in the winter when the heater is on often leads to a bloody nose. This should be treated by adding moisture to you nose with a saline (salt water) spray or applying some vaseline to the inside of your nose gently with a Q-tip.

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