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Broken 5th Metatarsal and Water Aerobics



Hello, I broke my 5th Metatarsal 5 weeks ago, still no signs of healing. My Dr. said it would be ok to return to my water aerobics class when it starts back up in two weeks. I am still on crutches and nwb. I was placed in a removeable Cam Walker yesterday so that I can go to the pool. He told me to gradually put weight on it as I can tolerate. I am thrilled to get back in the pool, but have no idea how to get in or out being non weight bearing and using crutches. Also should I wear non slip shoes or some sort of brace in the water? Help!!! Thank you.


I would use non-slip shoes for safety and try to get into the pool using the stairs and handrails. Use the handrails to decrease the weight on your foot just like you did when you were non-weight bearing with the crutches. Exercise in the water at the deepest level you can tolerate as that will take more of your weight off your foot. As you feel better, or with your doctor's approval, you can go into shallower water to increase the weight on your foot.

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Tammy S Wadsworth, PT MS OCS Tammy S Wadsworth, PT MS OCS
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