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Hemochromatosis with up/down iron levels?



I`ve had a high iron reading approx. 10 years ago (185 mcg/dL serum and 61% saturation). It was fine (middle of normal) for 9 years at yearly exams, but returned to high reading again (195 mcg/dL serum and 53% saturation). Could this be hemochromatosis, or would the temprorary return to normal exclude that diagnosis? The only other out-of-range values were bilirubin (total and direct were measured) that have been high normal but were above normal limits during the two occassions the iron was high.


Elevated saturation in disease may vary over time; however, at least two of these were abnormal. In addition, bllirubin levels being abnormal suggests possibility of liver dysfunction. You should consider undergoing genetic testing to rule out hemochromatosis as a possible cause.

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Mark   Wurster, MD Mark Wurster, MD
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