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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Could Sclerderma Cause Claw-like Hands in the Middle of the Night?



Please help. I have problems with my hands. I have been to 22 doctors. First, they told me carple tunnel in both, next arthritis, next sclerderma (no cure) and I had only 5 years to live. Now a new doctor said she does not see sclerderma even though, John Hopkins hospital told me I do? I am in pain, and need answers somewhere? I have tiny white bumps on my feet and arms. Biopsy said possible sclerderma, yet my new doctor again said she does not see it. I was in Europe this passed week, and not one problem for two or more weeks. I was in heaven. Came home to Florida, and problems are back every day or night. It is like a rush of quick sand fills up in my hands and leaves me in pain and stiffness. I also had edema in left foot and pain in my abdomal area where I had my appendix out over 5 years ago. Went into Jupiter Medical hospital, they ruled out Lupis, and I just watched mystery diagnosis, and a patient had riders disease. It sounded like me, yet no real eye problems, except swelling or puffness? I just want some doctor somewhere to give me a diagnois so I can deal with this. Going on 2 and half years now and again 22 doctors including many trips to John Hopkins. I pray you can help. Thank you.


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