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Root Canals

Injectable Does Not Numb the Gum



During my last visit, dentist tried injectable anesthetics to numb my gum to do root canal. Even if he progressively increased the quantitiy injectected several(Many) times I still had pain while he started working on the tooth with his pnumatic tool. He even applied injection right straight on to the nerve ( painful for me). Still I had pain, not a lot but painful. Later after obserivg the digital X-Ray he concluded that I have infection on the gum.

My concern is that, I visited dentist because I had pain on the gum and fever, I was pretty sure that I had infection which I told him several times and he kept on insisting that it is due to the loss of enamel on the tooth creating the problem.

How come he could not find the problem of infection before starting the procedure? If he detected infection probably he could know why local anesthisia is not happeneing.

As of now he filled the hole and said that the infection need to drain otu and I am on Antibioctics. I need to visit him after 7 days when the infection hopfully is gone.

I feel great concern on this?? What is your openion??


Teeth needing root canal treatment can be difficult to numb. There are different techniques that can be used to help you get numb. If you have concerns or unanswered questions, I would recommend that you seek the care of an endodontist (root canal specialist). Endodontists are dentists with additional education in diagnosis and root canal treatment. Because they limit their practices to endodontics, they treat these types of problems every day. They use their special training and experience in treating difficult cases.

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Melissa McCartney Drum, DDS, MS Melissa McCartney Drum, DDS, MS
Assistant Professor of Endodontics
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University