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Pain Management

Chronic Headaches with Olivopontacerebellar



I have a nephew with Olivopontacerebellar degeneration with atrophy. He is 26 years old and has had Olivopontacerebellar for about 15 years. He has severe headaches all of the time. We know there is no cure for the Olivopontacerebellar , but is there any thing that can be done to relieve his headaches. He has taken and is taking some of the strongest medications available, with no relief. He is bed ridden most of the time. We are willing to go anywhere or try anything to improve the headaches in order for him to function. Any advice. or if you know of a doctor that would try and help we would like to know. This is at a critical stage. We can sense that he is giving up because he cannot deal with the constant pain. Please, if you can, help us.


The pain may be helped by occipital nerve stimulation. It can help with the back of the head pain. Listed below is a link to an article that I co-authored on this topic. A detailed evaluation by a competent Pain Specialist who has done these procedures is the first step.

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