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My husband had a vasectomy 10 years ago and had a reversal in February, 2008. The results of his first semen analysis after 3 and half months include: concentration 23ml Rapid progressive sperm 10% slow or sluggish 20%, Non progressive 40%, Immotile 30% sperm normal shape rate 80% and there was no liquefaction after 180 minutes.

We understand that motility is low and that other test results should not prohibit pregnancy. However, we are finding it difficult to get a clear explanation of the significance of the liquefaction issue. We have been told that this could inhibit pregnancy but there has been no explanation of a possible remedy. Could you suggest a remedy for this problem?



Treatment for male factor infertility is geared towards getting the sperm and egg closer together.  This usually consists of intrauterine insemination or IUI (sperm is injected into your uterus at the time of ovulation) OR in vitro fertilization or IVF (fertility shots are used to stimulate your ovaries to make extra eggs, which are then mixed with your partner's sperm, allowed to fertilize and grow into embryos, with approximately 2 embryos transferred into your uterus).  Sperm processing will typically take care of liquefaction issues. 

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