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Myasthenia Gravis

MG and colon cancer



I`ve lost 40 pounds without any reason since September 07. First I had diarrhea (no blood in the stools) I was nauseated for many months. My gastroenterologist didn`t find the reason of those symptoms. Finally by the month of January 08 my weight was stable, no nauseas but did not tolerate fried food, some vegetables and fruits and always feeling bloaded after meals, passing gas and of course eating small amounts of food. My MG doctor asked for my CBC and my hemoglobin had come to 9. Recent studies she has received say that there is a high incidence between MG - THYMECTOMY - ANEMIA - WEIGHT LOSS AND COLON CANCER. What can you tell me about this? I`ve been receiving Imuran since 2000 100mg. daily, euthyrox, aspirin, glucophage, mestinon 5 pills daily. I will be tested for Colon CA next week with a virtual colonoscopy. Thank you for your help


I am aware of an increased risk for lymphomas and skin cancer, but was not aware of a specific risk for colon cancer. We believe, however, that the immune system is part of our cancer defense system. Chronic immunosuppression could, therefore, slightly increase risks for all cancers.

As far as the weight loss and anemia, these are very common manifestations of colon cancer.

Make sure you follow up on this problem diligently and keep in touch with your MG doctor and GI doctor. You should also keep your PCP up-to-date. You have a complicated clinical situation and will likely need coordinated care from your doctors.

I wish you the best.

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John G Quinlan, MD John G Quinlan, MD
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