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Digestive Disorders

Weird Stomach Attack



I`m an almost 17 year old male. For some time, I`ve had weird stomach attacks. They went away after awhile, but I still have them occasionally. It feels like I have to go to the bathroom, but when I start to go, it quickly turns into diarrhea. My colon and my lower back start to hurt. I have to keep pushing even when nothing comes out. The pain is great enough I get nauseous after a time. I stay like that, pushing when there`s nothing left, just to ease the pain a bit. Once it seems like it`s gone, I get up, flush, and try to get back to what I was doing, but it quickly returns. I go back to pushing with nothing coming out by the second or third time going back. My doctor doesn`t think it`s irritable bowel syndrome.


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