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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Kids

Permanent tooth coming in below baby tooth



I`ve seen questions about a perm tooth coming in behind the baby tooth (on the same side as the tongue). Earlier this week, we noticed my 10 year old son has a bottom tooth coming in on the opposite side, coming out from the front of his gum. It`s appearing close to the base of the gum. The baby tooth above it is still in, only slighlty loose. Will this tooth eventually work its way up into the normal position too? Is this a more serious problem that will require braces?


Thank you for the question.

Permanent teeth typically will erupt behind (lingual) to the front baby teeth, and the back teeth will erupt towards the cheek side - this is not unusual.

In terms of evaluating your son's dental development, a pediatric dentist/general dentist/orthodontist with X-rays can evaluate this better and determine if any treatment is needed or the teeth can just 'fall out' on their own.

Hope that helps.

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Sarath  Thikkurissy, DDS, MS Sarath Thikkurissy, DDS, MS
Director, Residency Program, Division of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati