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Parkinson's Disease

Head drooping



Is there any thing that can be done done for the chin chest syndrom?


Sometimes, patients with Parkinson's disease can have severe posture problems that do not respond to parkinsonian medications. This can include head flexion with the chin always being in down to the chest. Some benefit is received from exercises and possibly even therapy. Patients may need to be constantly reminded to pick up the head.

It is also possible that some of this abnormal posturing to be secondary to the development of dystonia. This can be assessed for by a physician, and if present trials of muscle relaxers may be partially helpful. If muscle relaxers are not helpful or not tolerated then botulinum toxin therapy can sometimes be of benefit.

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Punit  Agrawal, DO Punit Agrawal, DO
Assistant Professor of Neurology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University