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Spine and Back Health

Hip and leg pain



First of all, I had bunion surgery, one foot December 23, 2007 and the other February 27, 2007. Now that I am back to walking normally I started the treadmill at a slow pace for approximately 45 minutes. I also started a diet as well. Diet consists of lean meat, vegetables, and fruit-no dairy, eating 4 times per day. I drink approximately 100 ounces of water a day. I don`t know if it is the diet, foot surgery, or whatever causing the pain in my legs and hips. At times I don`t feel the pain and other times it hurts so much I take pain medication. Last night I went dancing and the pain became worse to where I could not sleep last night. I had this same pain before when I started a diet. It might have been because I did not drink the required water. The pain in my legs feels worse when it is cold. My question: What do you think I might be suffering from and what can I do?


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