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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Genital itching



My 10 year-old son has suffered from genital itching for nearly 2 months. It`s driving him mad! We have seen doctors who have prescribed a range of creams and tablets, but none seem to help. He has had anti-fungal creams, hydrocortizone creams, anti fungal tablets. There is not much to see, just slightly red, but normally caused by itching. We don`t know what to do next. Please can you help?


The specific site of the itching is important. For example, some boys develop itching in the crease between the thigh and the inguinal area ("jock itch"), and scratching that area causes more irritation, leading to even more itching. Scrotal or penile itching is pretty rare. I would suggest having him see a pediatric dermatologist. Often they can perform tests that will diagnose the cause. I assume that the laundry detergent has not changed recently.

I wish I could provide more guidance, but this is an uncommon problem and examination of the area is important.

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Jack S Elder, MD, FACS, FAAP Jack S Elder, MD, FACS, FAAP
Clinical Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University