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Arthritis and Rheumatism

Is it Possible to Lose Function of Hands From Rheumatoid Arthritis?



My RA is bad and I have tried or am currently on most of the medications that is out there for RA. Right now I am taking Humira, (second biologis) NSAID, MTX, and Prednisone. I also go to a occupational therepist who made resting splints for me that I use when the pain is very bad and at night. But my hands are still really bad. Sometimes it is like my brain is telling my hands to move but they won`t move or move like they are in slow motion. I know that no one can predict the furture, but am I eventualy going to lose the use of my hands?


If Rheumatoid Arthritis is uncontrolled with continued active inflammation, it may cause enough damage in the future where you lose the function of your hands. Newer agents such as Orencia and Rituxan may be options if you are not responding to current therapy.

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