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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Medication for Triglycerides



I had 2 stents inserted a month ago. I am on Lipitor 40mg. My triglycerides was 194, my cholesterol is 164. My doctor prescribed Simcor a new drug, however very expensive. Are there substitutes?


Simcor contains simvastatin and niacin. Lipitor contains atorvastatin. Both drugs are "statins" or drugs that block the enzyme which helps to make cholesterol in the body. In addition, Simcor has niacin for high triglycerides. Simcor combines 2 medicines for the convenience of a single tablet. It may be possible for you to take a "statin" and niacin separately at a lower cost.

Talk to your doctor or your pharmacist about your cost concerns. You doctor should review and approve any changes to your therapy.

The link below has additional information on therapy for high cholesterol and high triglycerides.

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Carmen M Hadley, RPh, CSPI
Former Clinical Instructor
College of Pharmacy
The Ohio State University