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What`s wrong?



i`ve had my period for about 2 years...its been fairly normal for the past 2 years but last month it came a week late and the bleeding was different, this month its later than it was last month (my breasts are tender so i think its coming but this has been going on for several days and theres no sign it has started)... i`ve never had sex before...what`s wrong?


There are many causes of irregular periods. It is impossible to give you a specific response without more information. First, if this has only happened for two months, you likely are having a normal variation in your cycles. I would seek help if it happens for more than 4-6 months in a row. Also, if your cycle came a week early one month, it is likely to come early the next month, but still be 28 days apart. If you normally have your period in the end of the month, but this month it comes at the beginning, it will likely come the beginning of the next month too.

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