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Is She Pregnant?



My wife has performed an IUI on 2 June and was prescribed with Duphaston 10mg, 3 times a day to extent her luteal phase in order to support her pregnancy. The last day she took the medication was on Sunday, 15 June. She did a pregnancy test on 16 June night. The result was negative.

Her usual cycle was around +/- 24 days.


Discovered a small amount of brown vaginal discharge (Day 12) and it last about 2 days. Is this implantation bleeding? Breasts become a bit swollen. Changes in complexion, pimples at forehead

Are these symptoms cause by duphaston or symptoms of pregnancy? Appreciate for your value advice and comments please.

Thank you and have a nice day!


If you are not pregnant after an IUI, you would be expected to have a period about 2 weeks after the IUI.  If you are taking progesterone, this might stop you from having a period, even if you were not pregnant.  Therefore, in patients taking progesterone, we instruct them to take a pregnancy test if they do not have a period 2 weeks following the IUI.  If the pregnancy test is negative, the progesterone would be stopped, which would allow your period start.

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