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Abnormal cervical cells



My recent PAP test says that I have an EPHITELIAL CELL ABNORMALITY. It also recommends an HPV-DNA testing. My gyn is treating me for an inflamation in the uturus. Please tell me what does my pap reveals and what I am not been told? Thank you.


Without knowing what the abnormality is, it is difficult for me to make any qualified comments. Typically, when the Pap shows very mild abnormalities (Atypical Squamous Cell changes of Undetermined Significance-ASCUS), HPV testing is recommended to determine if there is concern enough to do more testing. If the Pap is ASCUS, you can also elect to repeat the Pap in 4-6 months rather than perform the HPV test. I can't tell you what you have not been told, but you can ask for a more detailed explanation.

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