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Digestive Disorders

Duodenal tubular adenoma



I recently had an endoscopy to diagnose severe recurrent abdominal (upper, middle, lower) pain, which has recently become SEVERE and almost constantly ongoing. I was told that this initial test shows a significant duodenal tubular adenoma at the beginning of the small intestine. I was also told that this is not usually seen so high up in the digestive tract and that my GI will be wanting to do a colonoscopy in the very near future.

My question is: How often/likely is it that this indicates possible cancer in the large intestine, since it is not common in the small intestine? Also, what is the likelihood that significant numbers of these, could be the underlying cause for my increased pain in recent months? I am following up with my GI in 3 weeks, but would appreciate more info on this subject, since my doctor does not take time to discuss my questions, etc. Thank you for any info and direction you may suggest.


The information you were given was correct, they are not common in the upper intestine. When we see them, we automatically want to explore the colon because you may have a "polyposis syndrome" and the colon, large intestine, is where polyps are more common. As far as these polyps causing your pain, I cannot say for sure. Not likely unless you have a large number causing "obstruction of your intestine" but follow-up with your GI is definitely warranted.

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