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I`m 33 years old and 9 weeks post partum with my last child. I recently discovered that I have a cystocele. I don`t know what grade it is. However, I`m scared to death to have a bowel movement because when I do, I can see and feel something obstructing my vagina. It almost looks like a baby crowning and this is interfering with my quality of life. When I do have a BM, I also feel as if I need to push something out from my vagina. Are there any disadvantages of having a cystocele repair? I just want this to go away. I`m tired of crying over the fear of being this way for the rest of my life. I want this fixed.


There are three causes of having a bulge in the vagina. Most commonly it is bladder drop or as you said cystocele. The next common problem is rectocele or drop of rectal wall in the vaginal canal. The final cause is enterocele or prolapsed of the small bowel.

Traditionally, if cystocele or rectocele have no symptoms (asymptomatic) no surgical intervention is recommended. If cystocele is associated with urinary leakage then pelvic floor reconstruction can correct both conditions.

You need to see your gynecologist for an examination and referral.

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