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Athletic Training

Achilles pain and calf tightness



I have been partaking in 2-3 aerobics classes over the past few months, alongside gym work, mainly focused on the treadmill. Over the last few weeks, I have experienced a tightness in my left calf, which now, after a recent dance based aerobics class has led to a sharp pain in my achilles tendon and a significant tightness in my calf. This is causing me to limp whilst walking and the pain is constant. I am wary of the next move as I do not wish to temp fate, push myself and result in a tear of the achilles tendon.


There are many possible reasons for Achilles pain. It is possible to have a strain or cramping in the calf. For both of these conditions, gentle stretching and ice would be the preferred method of treatment.

Since you are having trouble with walking, it is important to see a physician. It is possible for chronic tendinitis to lead to a weakening of the tendon and/or rupture.

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Angela Justina Beisner, MA, AC Angela Justina Beisner, MA, AC
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