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Can one have both hyper- and hypoglycemia?



Once when my son was about 5 yrs. old, his doctor told me he may be one of the rare people to have both. He also was diagnosed at that time with learning disablities and moderate ADHD. He`s now 30 years old, has a very stressful job and probably drinks alcohol every day. Growing up he had a cheery disposition, yet now it seems when we visit he and his wife on the east coast he`s likely to get angry at times about seemingly unimportant things or suddenly do unpredictable things that even surprise him later.... What kind of test would he have to take to check it out?


I would be very reticent to attribute the symptoms you are describing now in your adult son to glucose abnormalities - they sound like they need a good psychological and/or psychiatric evaluation.  A good primary care doctor could select glucose and thyroid tests to screen for diabetes and thyroid disorders.  To argue that hypoglycemia has anything to do with the symptoms you are describing would require measuring the blood sugar at the time of the symptoms - if it is indeed low at the time of those symptoms and both the low blood sugar and the symptoms go away with giving carbohydrate, then it may be warranted to see an endocrinologist for more detailed testing for the reason for the abnormal blood sugar.

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