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Mental Health

Specifics Regarding Mental Health



Briefly, I have recently been suffering from rather severe depression; I`m 53 and rarely get medical treatment, but I got a bunch of bloodwork and some scans to rule out what I guess are the physical causes, all were. The local doc that I saw locally wanted me to see a psychiatrist immediately; I`m reluctant due to confidentially issues: I was told that if I an sent toa facility without my consent that it will show up on my record (and this will certianly result in my losing my job-it`s a high security workplace) and that I may very well lose my right to own firearms (my lifelong hobby is gun-collecting and it`s a big part of my life). The primary-care doctor was adamant that I see a psychiatrist immediately, I just don`t want to ruin my life over this. I have never felt worse or more "down", but maye this will pass. Do I have the right to just skip the referral and wait and see or can she "rat me out" and coerce me to go? Bad choice of words, afer all, I asked for her help and she`s trying to help me. But do I have the right to say no: I don`t want this on my record for the reasons stated...How about starting over with a new psychiatrist as a john doe? I have the money to self-pay............ThANKS


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. Unfortunately, your question is beyond the scope of this service as NetWellness experts provide general information about health and wellness. Please accept our best wishes for a positive resolution to your problem.

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