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Alzheimer's Disease

Acoustic Neuroma



Hello. My 53-year-old mother who lives in India, was dignosed with Acoustic neuroma in December 2005 and underwent brain surgery within 3 days. She sustained damage to her fascial nerve during the surgery and has fascial paralysis on her left side. Post suregry her neurosurgeron informed that he could not excise the tumor completely as it was adhered to the brain stem and that her heart stopped beating for a second or 2 during the surgery so he backed off excising the tumor completely.

Her neurosurgeron informed her 2 months back that her tumor is growing and she needs Radio surgery (Gamma Knife). Her recent MRI showed the size of the tumor as 3.6 cms and the radio-oncologist informed her that she is not a candidate for radiosurgery. Please advise, what is your opinion at this point? Does she need another brain surgery or should she wait until it grows larger before it is excised again? Thanks.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. On this site, NetWellness experts try to answer general questions about health. Only a health professional performing a thorough clinical exam is able to evaluate your mother's case and provide a second opinion. Normally we would ask one of our experts to provide some general comments, but unfortunately we do not have an expert who answers questions in your area of inquiry.

For more information, the National Cancer Institute contains excellent content about cancer and current treatments.

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