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Sports Medicine

Knee injury



with a simple scope on the knee,can cartillage be removed or just scar tissue. How long does it take to heal? I had a scope done on my knee, and was told two different stories about what had been done. The reason for the scope was to have scar tissue removed,but was told after the surgery that cartilliage had been removed,and then later was told that no the cartilliage had not been removed and they had confused my chart with someone else. So this is why I would like to know if the cartilliage can be removed during a normal scope.


A wide range of surgical procedures can be performed through a "scope", including removal of scar tissue as well as cartilage. For example, knee arthroscopy is often performed to remove the torn portion of a meniscus, which is cartilage. Healing time following a procedure will depend on which procedure(s) is(are) performed.  You are best advised to have a discussion with your surgeon to clarify exactly what your surgery, or surgeries, entailed, and also, if you're still having problems, what options are available to improve your symptoms and function.

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