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Skin Cancer

Wart with mole beside it



I had a wart that was treated by cryo several years ago. It was on my inner thigh. Now, in the same place, there is what appears to be a pinkish wart-like growth, but around it is a several mm area of brown irregular shaped growth. This covers all but one side of the wart-like growth. Can a wart come back and then have an area around it like I described? I do not have a history of skin cancer, but do have vitiligo. Thanks for your help!


Warts can come back after treatment with cryotherapy. In addition, other types of growths can also occur, such as moles. I would recommend seeing the physician who treated the initial wart for further evaluation or a dermatologist.

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Jeremy S Bordeaux, MD, MPH Jeremy S Bordeaux, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University