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Signs and symptoms of children diabetes



Hi, I have twin grandchildren a boy and a girl that were preemies 28 weeks. There is dibaetes in both sides of their families. The little boy has been loosing weight and they both drink fluids non stop. Their daddy`s mother is a dibaetic and tested their sugar one evening after they had eaten about an hour an 45 minutes. The little boys was 229 and the little girls was 349. Their grandmother said this is normal. Is this true? Should we be concerned?Thank you


If these results can be trusted, they are not normal.  The American Diabetes Association criteria recommend that the diagnosis of diabetes be based on laboratory glucose determinations, not fingerstick glucoses which do not have sufficient reliability.  Hence, I would hesitate to draw conclusions from these results but rather say that they call for additional formal medical evaluation and that should be without delay - it is possible that there was something wrong with the strips and those results might be an error...but then again they may not.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
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