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Low glycemic cereals



I love cereal, but it does not love me.(severe spikes post meal) Usually I take my insulin right before eating. I`m not sure I can fix this by taking it 30 minutes prior, because the insulin will kick in before the food does + I`ll get low.Can you recommend any lower glycemic cereals(oatmeal is a no-go, it makes me nauseous) Thank you.


You can go online at www.glycemicindex.com and search the database by entering in "cereal". Foods that are considered "low" glycemic index are 55 or less, "medium" is 56-69 and "high" is greater than 70. Using the glycemic index is considered, by most, to be very confusing because you need a book or online database to use it. The spike in your blood sugar also depends on how much of the cereal/food you eat and what foods you eat with it. It may just be more simple for you to check the carbohydrate and fiber grams listed on the nutrition label. Cereals that contain larger amounts of fiber usually tend to be absorbed more slowly in your body so aim for 5g of fiber or more per serving. Another idea might be to add a protein to your breakfast. Having egg, meat or cheese along with your cereal may lessen the post meal spike.

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Connie A Gottfried, MPH, RD, LD, CDE Connie A Gottfried, MPH, RD, LD, CDE
Case Western Reserve University