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Mental Health

Am I Depressed?



I`ve always been the quiet type, to myself. Not too social. I have a pretty good childhood. I`ve had a few bad relationships ( physical and emotional abusing). I`m 22 now and i`ve been feeling so down for a while now. I`d say on and off for at least 2 years. Some days it`s not bad, some days it`s badd. I usually feel VERY tired, restless, moody, have a headache and feel weak. I`m not obese, im well within my weight limit for my height. I work full time and when i get home i go to sleep for at least 3 hrs. i wake up, stay up for an hr then go to sleep for like 10 hrs. I wake up feeling the same; tired, moody, irritable, sometimes i get dizzy and light headed too. I dont really suffer from panic attacks or anxiety. I nevr had suicidal thoughts. I`ve been on a medication named Lupron for 2 months post of endometriosis surgery. What`s wrong with me? What should i do?


I think you are suffering from depression and should first talk to your Primary Care Physician about the symptoms you are describing and possibly see a psychiatrist if your PCP is not comfortable treating it. Depression is characterized by many of the symptoms you have and is very treatable with medication. Please see him/her as soon as possible to get started on the right treatment. Good luck to you.

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