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Unexplained acute pain post-surgery



I had surgery on my thumb to repair a severed tendon and nerve. Waking from surgery, I complained of pain in my leg from a cramp. During post-op, the pain in my leg was joined by the pain in hand. I was given several shots of morphine, given over to my family, and given Lortab on release. The pain continued throughout the rest of that day and through the night, but it was not generalized to my hand and leg. It spread to my lower back, rib cage, neck, shoulders and head. The Lortab did not help and it seemed as though nothing could aleviate my pain.

Next day the surgeon admitted me to the hospital through the Emergency Room. A pain pump was finally administered late that evening. I was in acute pain for 32 hours before finally gaining relief. No one has been able to explain to me what happened or possible causes. I have hypothyroidism resulting from a left lobe thyroidectomy (7years ago) and resulting hypoglycemia. TSH test 2 weeks after surgery was normal. Could you offer a possible explanation?


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