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Dental Anesthesia

Pregnancy and dental implants



I recently found out that I am pregnant (about 3 weeks). About a week ago I had the implant unroofed and was told that the final crown could be intalled. I was given nitrous oxide during this procedure. My question is two fold. First what are the risks not that I have been inadvertantly exposed to nitrous oxide? Second, can I still have the crown installed safely?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Congratulations! As a general policy, dentists try to avoid drug administration in the first trimester when so much development is occurring. That being said, if a sedative drug was to be administered, nitrous oxide is clearly the safest as there is virtually no organ system toxicity with the drug. Small doses of lidocaine as were used for your procedure would also be generally safe. So, from this standpoint, all is as good as can be expected.

You should discuss with your dentist how to proceed for the crown placement. Many times, no local anesthetic or just topical anesthetic can be used. This would be very small doses just for the gum numbness. If you are concerned, it is best to wait until the second trimester. Likely, this will not be necessary. You and your dentist should discuss this matter.

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