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Blood sugar 102 insulin tested at +58



Hello, I went to my gyno w/ female menstral problems. She did a complete blood test on me and said that everything was perfect except my insulin tested at +58 and a normal scale was 2-25. She said that my blood sugar was fine at 102. She said there was nothing she could give me for this problem it was something i had to correct with diet and exercise. I am completely still left confused could you answer a few questions. 1. Am i what you call hypoglcemic. 2. what are my possible effects from this 3. would you suggest a diabetic diet? Please Advise, Thank you very much!


1)  You have described nothing that would fit with hypoglycemia.

2)  The first questions are why the doctor did the insulin level,  whether you were fasting (test done in the morning without your having eaten for at least 8-10 hours before the test was done) and whether the blood sugar was from a clinical lab rather than from a fingerstick test.  The interpretation will vary depending on those conditions.  If you were not fasting, then there is nothing wrong with those test results.  If you were fasting and it was a plasma glucose from a clinical laboratory, then the blood sugar just barely fits into a "gray zone" called impaired fasting glucose (IFG):  the cut-off for the upper limit of normal is 100, the cut off for the upper limit of impaired fasting glucose is 125 and a fasting glucose 126 or higher meets the criteria for diabetes.  IFG represents a state where there is increased risk of proceeding to develop diabetes, and some diet and exercise changes may make a substantial difference in progress to diabetes.  If the insulin level was also drawn fasting, that would represent a high insulin level for a blood sugar of 102 - that would meet the criteria for insulin resistance, which is another measure indicating increased risk of progressing to diabetes and a further reason to undertake those lifestyle adjustments.

3)  The sort of diet that would be appropriate depends on the overall picture including information that was not provided.  If you have concerns about your diet, you may want to meet with a registered dietician to review what and how you are eating, whether it is appropriate for your body weight and whether some modification may be warranted.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati