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Lung Cancer

9 mm node in upper right lung



i had xray`s done in feb of this year. they found a 9 mm node in my right lung.. i went back 2 months later to another doctor but he said he wasnt going to check it because he believed it could have been due to asthma? which i think was stupid, he shouldve atleast checked. i do get pains in my chest still, could that possibly be from the nodule? and should i get checked again??


A node or nodule (small node) in the lung could be from an infection, especially with fungus in the midwest United States. However, there is a chance that this could be an early tumor. For this reason, it is usually recommended to follow up a chest Xray with a chest CT scan to determine the exact nature of the nodule. Depending on the findings on the CT, your physician or pulmonologist may decide to either observe with periodic CTs or obtain a biopsy.

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