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Spine and Back Health

Neck pain caused by C4/C5, C5/C6 reduced disc



I have been having neck pain for about a year. I can`t turn my head to the left very far and it hurts tilting my head to all sides. I previously saw my GP about the pain, about 8 months ago and he suggested some stretches, heat/cold, muscle relaxant (Flexeril) and pain killer (Lodine). I tried this for a few weeks and it didn`t seem to help.

I got a new pillow--a chiro-fill water pillow. This is very comfortable, but hasn`t made the pain any better. I went back to my GP today and they took a series of x-rays. The radiologist and doctor determined that the spaces between C4/C5 and C5/C6 are much smaller, almost missing, compared to the spaces between the other vertebrae. He said the pressure is probably affecting the nerves. He said that because I have had no trauma or accidents, this is probably due to my posture while using a computer. He gave me Lodine and Flexeril once again and wants me to do stretches and try to figure out the behavior that is causing the pain. If this doesn`t work within 6 weeks, he will send me to Physical therapy (PT) for traction. Does this sound like a good treatment plan or do you have any other suggestions?


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