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Sports Medicine

Tingling in your legs



i have had this random tingling in my legs off and on like every 25 mins for the past 3 weeks i fell out of a movin car and blacked out 3 weeks ago and couldnt move my upper body since my accident i havent been able to pop my back my lower back kills me and when my legs tingle i feel like i could collaps i almost have to grab something to hold my self up i work at a fast food restraunt and im on my feet a lot but i havent felt this since my fall. i just want an answer its keepin me from lots of things in my daily activity thank you


Certainly, given the mechanism of your injury, it is possible that you have injured your spinal cord after the accident.  With the "inability to move your upper body" and loss of sensation, this could represent an injury to the spinal column in the back or neck.  However, tingling in the legs can be caused by numerous other problems, including abnormalities of electrolytes (sodium, potassium and calcium) thyroid problems, or vitamin deficiencies.  Given the severity of your injury, I would of course recommend that you be examined by a physician who can run the appropriate tests and x-rays and offer you treatment. 

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Charles Webster, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati