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Small Particles In My Ejaculate



There are some small sticky particles in my ejaculation. They look oval-like and their color is more like transparent and a bit red. I haven`t gone to a doctor yet but I am suspicious of sperm agglutination (acc. to my search on the internet)..there is not much pain in testicles, maybe a little after ejaculation. What could this problem be? Can I see agglutinated sperm with bare eye? Is this possible? May those particles be white blood cells?

PS: I`m on Propecia (finasteride) for 6 months for hair loss and for a month I was on an antidepessant but I cut a few days ago..There was no problem in my ejaculation a couple of weeks ago, by the way.

Thanks for your help..


This would be a more appropriate question for a urologist.  A semen analysis could be performed which could evaluate for count, motility, appearance, and agglutination.   White blood cells in the specimen would indicate a possible infection.  I would recommend that you see a urologist to discuss this.

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
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