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Urinary Disorders

Past Prostatitis Diagnosis



Some period months earlier, my boyfriend was diagnosed with Prostatitis. The worst of his condition arose on one occasion after having experienced lengthy and repeated sessions of sexual intercourse over a period of 4 days. At some point, a sharp pain took over that forced him straight to a hospital. And that would be when he was diagnosed. As told, he abstained from any sexual activity for a period of thirty days, and afterward, all appeared to have passed---no bleeding, pain, or relevant anomalies.

Now months later, possibly a year’s time, he has experienced a tremendous amount of severe pain during any form of sexual arousal (when it comes to the point that he orgasms). Once it began, he was told by either a hospital/clinic to abstain from any sexual arousal for 30 days. Such diagnosis didn’t come from a specialist and it appears the time it’ll take to see a specialist could be weeks.

Disregarding what had been advised, my boyfriend gave into masturbation, which in itself led to a trip to the hospital from severe pain. When a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) was attempted, he outright refused after one second into the procedure, due to the severity of the pain. I do not believe that the doctor took much further procedure, but his stay at the hospital all-night was required. And the attention he was given, mostly applied to his immediate pain. This would be all I would know, since our relationship is long-distance and I wasn’t disclosed much more. However, the doctor hasn’t diagnosed him with neither Prostatitis, nor any other medical condition. Rather, he was told that the condition came from blood trauma and nothing more. Although there was clearly no immediate puncture or bruise at any point.

And now, while he is currently experiencing severe pain. weeks will pass before he’ll likely have a specialist’s opinion. Based on my general research (taking into account multiple online sources), any diagnosis of prostatitis would require either a DRE or a three-way urinalysis, which my partner has yet to take. And in all cases, past history is supposed to be a particularly significant factor, which since he’s been diagnosed before with the condition, clearly applies. I would hope for advice based on at least the symptoms he is experience and those he hasn’t that pertain to Prostatitis.

Currently, he’s had an erection with severe consistent pain, particularly on his penis, pain from urinating, during which he has bled, and an unparalleled discomfort from the rest of his body However, I don’t believe he has had any flu-like symptoms, no chills, no urge to urinate more often than usual. I’ve personally found his symptoms to characterize Nonbacterial Prostatitis. Specifically since relatively little is known of the condition and the symptoms have been known to go away and return without warning. But that is just an assumption. And amidst my surge of questions, I hardly know which ones are best.

What should my primary concerns be? What symptoms should I look out for that could entail worse? And based on his symptoms, what advice can be given as to the likelihood of having of Prostatitis? Since his pain is ceaselessly sever, how urgent is it that he get immediate attention? Professional opinions on any of this would be tremendously appreciated.


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